Arriving to Bucharest

All international flights land at Henri Coanda International Airport (IATA: OTP) located in Otopeni, 18 km north of downtown.

From airport to the city you can get a cab (taxi) using the electronic touch-screen kiosks on the Arrivals level (after you claim your luggage and exit). This will provide you with a printed ticket (which you should be sure to keep) for a specific taxi which will arrive within minutes. Check nonetheless the rate before getting in (it should be written on the taxi’s doors) and also check that the meter is turned on.

With a normal-rate taxi the ride to the city center should cost only 30-40 lei (max 10 EUR).

Be careful that around the airport you will find freelance taxi drivers who may charge you double or even more for the ride. To avoid them, use the electronic touch-screen kiosks or a certified taxi company with the normal rate (1.39 lei/km). The most famous taxi companies are: Speed Taxi, Meridian Taxi, Cobalcescu, Cristaxi.

A certified taxi will have the name of the company and the fare displayed on each side of the car. Check that the fare and the name of the taxi are visible and that they turn on the meter once you get in.

Local transportation

Even though Bucharest has an extensive system of public transport (buses, trams and trolleybuses), we advise you to use only the Metro (Subway). Buy a weekly pass (25 lei/RON = 5.5 EUR) and you can enter in any station, take any train. The weekly pass has unlimited trips for a week, but it has a timer to avoid be used by more than one person at once. So after you entered in station and used the weekly pass, you’ll be able to use it again after 15 minutes.

Other forms of public transport (buses, trams and troleybusses) may be confusing and crowded.

The Metro (Subway) has 4 main lines (arteries) called Magistrale (M1, M2, M3, M4). In order to arrive from downtown to PGL Studios, you’ll only need one train from M2. The PGL Studios are located in Pipera, at the end of the M2 line.

All the hotels we recommend are placed near M2 Subway stations.

Every station and train have posted a Subway map. The stations near downtown are: Piata Universitatii or Universitatea, Piata Romana, Piata Victoriei, Piata Unirii.

You can also use taxi, but we strongly advise you to use Metro (subway) because is faster and cheaper. Using Metro you avoid the traffic jams and crowds that frequently characterize surface transport.

The Metro (Subway) operates from 5.00 AM until 11.00 PM

But if you need to use a taxi, the safest way to get a taxi in Bucharest is to call for one or to use the online application. When taking a taxi, always make sure that the meter is running (it must read “Ocupat” = Hired) and is showing the fare – 1.39 lei / km. (aprox 0.30 EUR/km)

Food and Drink

Old Town (Centrul Vechi)- Lipscani area is a very popular place when it comes to dining. Prices usually go anywhere from 5-7 EUR to 30-40 EUR.

Street food such as shawarma and kebab are very popular with the locals. Bagels, savory or sweet are also very popular.

What to see

  • The Old Town of Bucharest- Lipscani District
  • University Square
  • Bucharest National Theatre
  • The Village Museum- National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”
  • Peasant Museum
  • The Palace of the Parliament

Many areas from Bucharest have free wifi so you can use Bucharest City App or any app who can guide you to enjoy the city